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2146 East Deerfield Ave, Suamico WI 54173

Discover. Innovate. Connect. That’s our thing.

Bongo is an innovative company serving the world’s most dynamic distributors, resellers and end users.

We are committed to developing innovative life safety solutions that support constant growth for our partner businesses while allowing people to live better, safer and more connected lives.

Our technologies and world-class business support helps our business partners in the security and life safety industry lead their markets with new and exciting high-quality innovative products and services.

One of the greatest feelings in life is giving the assurance, and piece-of-mind people enjoy when they are safe and secure in their environment.

Bongo connects people to the right technology products for better living solutions. With the right technology, we can change people’s lives by finding new ways to live smarter, safer, and better.

Bongo is a funny name for a company. What’s that all about?

A Bongo is the third largest Antelope in the world and is found in the dense forest of Africa. Characteristics like striking white-yellow stripes and long, slightly spiraled horns make the Bongo one of the most unique animals on the planet. So, it’s only fitting a company with the same name is also uniquely different when connecting people with technology.

People want to live better safely. Emerging technology is developing faster than the speed of light, but what good is it if not harnessed correctly? Getting the right technology into the right hands is something Bongo is uniquely qualified to do.