Voice Link

FirstNet Phone Line Replacement – POTs voice solutions.

POTs lines are being discontinued as they are no longer considered profitable for telecom providers. Bongo Technologies provides solutions that enable you to continue to provide emergency communications for new and legacy Life Safety equipment.

Voice Link

FirstNet Ready Device

Converting emergency landlines devices to a true-life safety cellular line on the FirstNet® prioritized network has never been easier.

  • Priority Cellular service to communicate with emergency responders
  • FirstNet Ready®
  • Emergency cellular voice plan
  • Authorized FirstNet TMA certified central call center monitoring
  • Plug and play easy install

This product is sold through dealers. Please contact our representative to find a certified installer.

  • Standard phone lines converted to cellular (FirstNet prioritized Emergency Services Network)
  • Uses existing equipment
  • Monitoring options available

Bongo is proud to develop this exclusive turn-key solution for life safety dealers nationwide. The Voice Link emergency communicator is more than just FirstNet ready. It’s certified, approved and embedded for use on the AT&T FirstNet® nationwide high-speed wireless public safety network.

Until recently, first responders have relied on separate land radio mobile networks to communicate with each other during emergencies. Sometimes these networks are incompatible making it hard, or even impossible, for public safety to communicate and work together to save lives. To address this challenge, FirstNet is a dedicated communications network for public safety. Using the high-quality Band 14 wireless spectrum and AT&T LTE, public safety subscribers can rely on the highly secure connection they need to respond to incidents.

Voice Link Plans

Emergency PhoneElevator, Two-Way Communication, AOR, Pool
  • FirstNet Voice Service

FirstNet® – The only network built for America’s first responders.

Installing Voice Link is the easiest way to switch from POTS line (traditional phone landlines) to a LTE cellular network. The existing phone line is connected directly to Voice Link. Simply unplug the telephone jack from its wall outlet and plug it into the Voice Link RJ11 socket. The included SIM card is pre-installed. North American carriers include: AT&T/FirstNet. Bongo offers carrier voice plans in support of Voice Link. Equipment lease options are available to qualified customers. Contact Bongo for more information.

Features & Benefits

  • Reliable Network
    • Voice Link gets a signal when others can’t.
  • Flexible
    •  SIM supports FirstNet/AT&T
  • Compliant
    •  ASME A17.1 Compliant; E-911 Compliant; ADA, AMSI, IBC Code
  • 99.9% Compatibility
    • No rip and replace necessary. Voice Link is a takeover
      module that works with existing legacy equipment.
  • Superior Power
    •  48 volts powers existing devices with ease.
  • Easy to Install
    • Plug & play concept makes installation simple and streamlined. Installs in minutes!
  • Profitable
    • Our dealer program was designed to increase your overall sales and company profit.

Common Solutions

Elevator Emergency Communication

Two-Way Emergency Communication

An elevator must have two-way emergency communication from the cabin to help keep people safe and comply with demanding US codes and regulations. When an elevator fails, emergency communication notifies an emergency responder and keeps two-way communication open with the elevator and the monitoring center.

Emergency Pool Phone

Code Compliant Outdoor and Pool Emergency Phone

Save money by cutting the landline to your existing swimming pool by replacing it with the Bongo Technologies Voice Link cellular solution. If you are looking at a new pool, save money by avoiding the trenching costs that landlines require and the monthly service costs.

Emergency Help Phone

Two-Way Emergency Communication

Help phones and areas of refuge must be reliable in any situation and allow for the proper incident response follow-up. You can count on the Bongo Technologies Voice Link cellular solution with FirstNet priority cellular service and a battery backup to give you peace of mind.