Pool Phone Replacement

Converting swimming pool emergency phone lines to cellular is now a breeze.

Replacing Emergency Pool Phone

Is replacing my swimming pool emergency phone necessary?

If your apartment or hotel swimming pool operates on an analog phone line, you’re probably paying too much for outdated technology. Emergency pool lines with plain old telephone service (POTS) lines are quickly being phased out. Major carriers are no longer legally required to invest in upgrades and maintain traditional copper phone lines leaving you vulnerable to tragedy. Smart businesses choose to replace these costly lines with our all-inclusive cellular solution.

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Phone Line Replacement Strategy and Planning

Phone Line Replacement

What happens if one day someone picks up your pool phone and it doesn’t work?

Replacing your landline now with cellular will give you the confidence that you’ll never need to face that unfortunate situation. Telecommunication carriers are no longer required to service POTS lines, making them obsolete and essentially technology that will slowly die. So, now’s the time to replace your emergency swimming pool phone line. Voice Link is a cost-effective cellular solution for a pool phone line replacement.

Pool Phone Monitoring

Pools are required to provide phone systems with a dependable emergency response.

Thousands of fatal unintentional drownings happen yearly in the United States. Many of these happen to be children. Swimming accidents and children are even more common. Nonfatal submersion injuries are five times greater. Swimming can turn tragic in a blink of an eye, and it’s wise not to play the odds. Pools must be prepared for the worse in the event of an emergency.

Bongo’s Voice Link offers a more reliable cellular life safety option that provides around-the-clock monitoring by a certified trained professional for your piece of mind.

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Bongo Pool phone replacement

Cellular Pool Phones

Convert your emergency pool lines with Voice Link.

  • Increase safety, dependability and reliability
  • Future proof your emergency lines
  • Save on monthly phone bills