Elevator Phone Replacement

Converting elevator phone lines to Cellular has never been easier.

Emergency Elevator Phone Line

Why do I need to replace my emergency elevator line?

Telcom companies are rapidly eliminating analog lines, otherwise known as plain old telephone service (POTS), altogether or raising costs to where it financially makes little sense for customers to keep them. As these analog lines disappear, businesses replace these costly lines with our all-inclusive cellular solution.

Emergency Elevator Phone line replacement with cellular
Phone Line Replacement Strategy and Planning

Phone Line Replacement

Do you have a phone line replacement strategy?

Currently, there is little the FCC can do to protect consumers when companies decide to retire their copper line infrastructure. Telephone companies retire their plain old telephone service (POTS) either by removing or disabling it or simply do not invest in maintenance or upgrades, effectively deteriorating the lines until they become unreliable. Either way, every business needs a strategy for replacement. It’s not clear exactly when providers will decommission analog lines, just that they have the FCC permission to do so. Voice Link is a cost-effective cellular solution for all emergency elevator lines.

Elevator Phone Monitoring

You are required to provide a reliable elevator emergency phone response.

Elevator malfunction is inevitable, with nearly 20 billion trips per year in the US. Many times the cause is simple wear and tear. Another cause is an error in the elevator’s internal diagnostic system that a professional must clear to bring the elevator back online. No matter the cause, getting stuck in an elevator is a stressful and dramatic experience. It can sometimes escalate to even becoming unsafe and cause other health conditions.

Bongo’s Voice Link offers a more reliable cellular life safety option that provides around-the-clock monitoring by a certified trained professional for your piece of mind.

Emergency elevator phone monitoring services
upgrading elevator phone

Replace POTS Line with Cellular

Convert your elevator lines with Voice Link

  • Increase safety, dependability, and reliability
  • Futureproof your elevator emergency lines
  • Save on monthly phone bills